Commercial Work

VCR Media provide a high quality service at a reasonable price for any commercial project, no matter how big or small. Please see the links below for more details on the types of services we can provide and some of our satisfied past and present clients.

Some of our clients

  • Anglo Gold Ashanti
  • Country Arts WA
    Downer EDi
    JAG Pannu Productions
  • Metro Football League Western Australia
    Pearl Luggers
    Stargate Actors Academy
  • Town Bus Service Broome
    VIA International
    Wilie Creek Pearls


Commercials contribute a huge component toward attracting new customers for any business. Getting your brand out in the public eye has never been easier with VCR Media offering a complete low cost/high quality service. We can develop original ideas, realise your own concepts or work with marketing representatives to create new and exciting promotional tools.

Corporate Video

VCR Media was founded on providing quality training videos and safety demonstration films to high-end customers. We understand how important educational films can be in training new and existing employees and know exactly how to convey this information in a way that won’t put them to sleep! The VCR Media team can document procedures or work with existing footage as requested – whether it’s for updating an existing video or starting from scratch.

Web Content

As the world moves increasingly online, it’s important to give your business a strong web presence. What better way to showcase your services or upcoming event than with a professional and attention grabbing video? Whatever online production – VCR Media can make it happen. We have a vast array of experience working in online formats and know how to get your audience’s attention.

Promotional Video

VCR Media is able to craft personalized videos to aid in the promotion of events, products, businesses, individuals or whatever your publicity needs require. We enjoy working closely with clients to put together something eye catching and memorable to ensure you get the traction you want across whatever medium.

Film & Music Video

Of all the things we do: Storytelling and experimenting with form and style is what we love most. With experience in Short Film, Television and Feature Film we always have a narrative project in some stage of production whether it be development, distribution or anywhere in between. VCR also has a passion for Music and the creative freedom it affords – Always on the lookout for the next musician or band looking to express themselves visually.

Crew for Hire

Not only are Hayden and James able to work together to reach your goals – they are also available for hire individually. Each has experience in the majority of filmmaking areas and simply visit our ‘Meet Us’ page to view their respective resumes. VCR is also able to facilitate with the sourcing and hiring of other filmmakers within the Perth Area as we have vast knowledge of, and contacts within, the WA Film Industry.